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Barak Valley Cement - Committed to a set of principles

Customer focus.  Respect for the individual. Integration with local and national traditions and cultures.  Responsible citizenship.  Integrity and transparency in all operations.
These principles are the beliefs that define the way Barak Valley conducts its businesses.
It is Barak Valley’s commitment to the customer, to you, that guides every one of its actions, whether at plant level or out in the marketplace.  It is also at the heart of all the services the company provides in the areas that it serves.
Our reputation as a company that lives by its principles is important to us.
We believed that the Barak Valley Cements principles are what make the difference between us and other manufacturers.

Share Knowledge - Gain involvement

Make the Customer confident and comfortable with the Company and the Brand.
Establish Long-term Relationships with Customers and Stakeholders.
Dedicate Qualified, Skilled Company Engineers to participate in ongoing Customer Projects and provide full technical & marketing support as required.
Ensure that Products, Ideas, Services are delivered before or on Schedule at All Times.
Make sure that the Value the Company delivers translates into real-life benefit for the Customer and End-user, wherever they are, whatever they do.
Be prepared to respond to sudden and unforeseen needs, promptly, without delay.

Satisfying Buyers & Customers And Delighting The End- Users

Barak Valley Cement was the first to reach the essential bonding power of cement to the far corners of the valley and beyond it.  The Company was never frightened of the difficulties in terrain and inaccessibility of places.  Instead it overcame such difficulties by maintaining quality levels at all stages of manufacturing, ensuring just-in time deliveries and providing pro-active support to its Dealer-Distributor Network. Barak Valley Cements believes that any building project, the humblest or the grandest and most complex, is the culmination of a dream.  It requires significant effort on the part of the builders and the supplier to realize that dream at real-life, real-time level.  And the Company and its strong and growing Dealer family are committed to deliver products and services that help the process.

It’s not just quality Cements that you can buy from Barak Valley Cement.  Technical Product and Product- Application Knowledge, astute business management, coordination with builders, even Better Building Tips are ‘extras’ that come along.

Innovative Thinking and The Power of Technology can work wonders

Barak Valley Cement is well known for the manufacture of factory fresh, consistently high quality Ordinary Portland Cement (43 & 53 grades) and Portland Pozzolona Cement. Quick and easy access to and timely deliveries of products to wherever there is need for cement has made Barak Valley a leader in its geographies. It further sees to be leading cement manufacturer in the North Eastern Region by ensuring the highest quality standards of our products. Presently BVCL is using latest technology for manufacturing Cement. BVCL is producing best quality of cement due to the following:
  • Barak Valley Cement sources its principal raw material from captive Limestone quarries in neighboring Meghalaya State. These quarries have substantial reserves of high-grade, high carbonate content limestone a pre-requisite for high strength cement manufacture.
  • State-of-the-art Grinding Mills that guarantee uniform particle size and free iron content in the cement, which contributes to superior performance of the cement
  • Quality grinding with Closed-Circuit-System
  • Highly mechanized Production of Clinker, the all-important intermediary product in cement manufacturing, featuring a latest and most advanced “cooler” whose cooling efficiency leads to superior clinker quality, supported by mechanized Handling facilities
  • Automated Packaging & Bagging lines with advanced Sealing and Tamper-proofing facilities

Social Commitment

Business today is no longer de-linked from life.  In fact a company’s success and its growth are directly influenced by the quality of its contributions to the betterment of society and the quality of life.
Barak Valley Cement is gearing up to put forward its best efforts to serve the communities in the areas that it serves. Further on routine basis following health care activities are being organized frequently:

  • Pulse Polio Immunization Programme
  • Family Planning Programme
  • Vaccination for Child
  • Provisions of safe drinking water
  • Yoga Camp

As part of the healthcare initiatives , BVCL in association with Lions Club, Badarpur Greater and District Blindness Control Society of Karimganj, organized “Free Eye Check up Camp with Microsurgery (IOL)” last year at Madhavdham School, Srigouri, District Karimganj, Assam. Barak Valley Cement will strive to be a major social benefactor and will help enhance the ‘quality’ of life.

Never stop dreaming

Dreams are not just wishful thinking.  They help expand horizons, enhance the desire to compete, lead on to acquire skills to excel, Above all dreams give the courage to overcome and the strength to believe.  To achieve the dream of a lifetime is to overcome and the strength to believe. 
At Barak Valley Cement Company, we have a tradition of turning dreams and hopes and wishes into realities, with appropriate products, technologies and commitment to society.
We are fully committed to carrying on this tradition of supporting the dream.  More, improved cement products, planned diversification into power generation and other need-based growth areas, better marketing and distribution, taking customers from simple satisfaction to complete delight, superior services.  Are some of the ways in which we are making it possible.
Whatever you may dream of next we share your dreams and never stop building on them.

The Strategy

Our Corporate vision is “To be a leading cement manufacturer in the North Eastern Region by ensuring the highest quality standards of our products”

The following are our strategies to achieve this vision:

Enhancement of Market Share
Our Company’s market share in FY 2004-05 was approximately 4.5% of the sale of cement in the entire North Eastern Region (As per IDBI Appraisal Report). At present we are utilizing 100% of our installed capacity. In order to increase our market share we are undertaking the expansion project from 460 TPD to 750 TPD. We intend to increase our capacity continuously in a phased manner to increase our market share.
Expansion Plans

Presently, the Company is in a Consolidation mode. After, consolidation the BVCL plans to put a 0.67 million Ton Rotary Kiln cement plant at Badarpurghat, District Karimganj, Assam, in one of its subsidiary companies, M/s Valley Strong Cements (Assam) Limited. We have already applied for the Environment Clearance of the same and the land has also been acquired for the said purpose.
In the meantime, BVCL is in process of growing the Bio-mass on surplus and vacant land of its three Tea Gardens. This will help in procuring cheap biomass which will further assist in producing power at a lower cost. In 2009 our Company acquired the three Tea Gardens namely, Goombira Tea Co. Ltd, Chargola Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd and Singlacherra Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd. collectively owning 15000 acres of tea gardens.  

Reducing our manufacturing cost

We believe that in order be more competitive we need to keep a tab on our cost and make our manufacturing processes cost effective. One of our major costs relate to power. By setting up a biomass based power plant through our wholly owned subsidiary, viz. BEPL, we will be able to reduce the cost and ensure uninterrupted power supply, leading to higher production at lower cost. We intend to keep on taking measures for reducing our manufacturing cost in future as well. 

Customer Satisfaction
Customer is the point around which the business revolves, so needs utmost care. Barak Valley Cements Limited is committed to the customers about the timely delivery, best quality of cement and immediate solution of their problems. The prime aim of BVCL to make its customer satisfied.
Quality commitment

Quality of cement plays an important role in generating a continuous patronage of customers. Our Company strives to ensure that the quality of cement provided by us is as per the industry standards. For ensuring the quality of cement we ensure that the raw material procured is of the desired quality. Awareness of this quality commitment is widespread among all the employees.  

Relationship with employees

Our management supports and is committed to the overall development and retention of human resources. Since inception we have not had any strike, disruption or employee unrest in respect thereof or otherwise.  We conduct training on need basis to our technical staff to update and hone their skills. We further provide our employees with a conducive working environment, which has helped in building a good teamwork. We intend to ensure continuous development of our human resources to keep our attrition rate to the minimum.  

Management of facilities

Strategies and standards are defined for all facilities, covering site, construction, guarding, personnel safety, etc. Facilities are regularly monitored with clear tolerances and audit logs, as well as thorough physical inspections and audits. There is strict adherence to preventive maintenance schedules and strict discipline in the housekeeping of facilities.

Availment of tax benefits
Some of the units located in North Eastern Region enjoy special incentives and subsidies. Our Company is presently availing several such Central and State Government incentives. In order to ensure continuous benefits of similar nature, we are setting up projects through our wholly owned subsidiaries, which will be able to avail such incentives.